Big Think: Video Series

I was recently invited to share some of my best tips on communication, overcoming social anxiety and building confidence on

I’ve been a big fan of BigThink for many years and think they put out some of the best in-depth videos on the web.

Their newsletter is one of the only content newsletters I still subscribe to and read weekly.

In video one I introduce the audience to something called the connection crisis. People today are lonelier, have less friends and experience more mental illness than at any moment in modern history. This video sheds some light on the factors that contribute, why we need to care and some practical advice to counteract this shocking trend in society.

Did you know that more than 60% of people in the USA identify as either shy or dealing with social anxiety. People who deal with these social inhibitions are in the majority and yet we never seem to talk about these issues openly? In this video I try to remove some of the stigma around social anxiety and provide some simple tips to transform your relationship with social pressure.

In this video I introduce the “internal / external” construct that we can use to trust ourselves in social situations. The key to feeling confident in social situations is having a deep relationship with your intrinsic motivation to connect with people. This video shows you how to connect with the authentic voice and curiosity compass so you can trust yourself and feel more natural in social situations.

andrew horn