Quartz: This masculinity retreat will make you rethink your identity—no matter who you are

“At our last dinner gathering, a gentleman on my left told an inspiring story about the dedication to his family and himself, “I knew I could be better by yards and not by inches,” he said.

I felt that deeply. As we moved each other over and over again with powerful stories of redemption and becoming, I realized this type of men’s work is responding to rigid customs on gender, our personal values as humans, and the desire to be infinitely more than what society systemically tries to repress—the magic of our individuality. This is what our aspirations to be better men must run contrary to, to be revolutionary.”


My birthday was this week and it’s incredibly humbling to read the above Quartz article that was also published this week. Only a year ago, I asked pretty much every guy I knew to join me in the Catskills for a men’s retreat. 15 said yes.

When I started the Junto, I hoped that one day we would have the type of impact on men that Marcus Anthony Brock talks about in his article. I’m grateful his words and honored to be part of a community of such remarkable men.

Self actualization is only possible through service. Abraham Maslow formally amended his hierarchy of needs to account for this. Self transcendence is now above self actualization. (Google it).

Men’s work is service.

When men are invited to live their lives with deep integrity, they have more power to support the people and communities they care about.

When men are courageous enough to express themselves authentically, they create space for others to be exactly who they are and need to be.

When men take the time to deconstruct their identity, they are more capable defining what it means to be a man on their own terms.

I have found that men’s work often isn’t about becoming a better “man,” it is about become the best human we can be.

“Man” is just one very prevalent part of the human equation that we need to deal with.

One thing I guarantee you...the best version of the men you love or the man you want to be, is the one that is locked into the deepest service of the people and mission they care most about.

We are building a movement for, with and of men who want to be better so they can help others and heal the world.

If you know one of these men, if you are one of these men...

Join us, share this article, send them our way.

We are ready.

East and West coast retreats coming up soon - www.wejunto.com

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