Live the Questions: A Tangible Plan to Pursue Your Dreams

Category: Students, mental health, career skills

"Our global attendees loved the interactivity of your session and are already using your communication techniques to pitch their projects with more passion and confidence. Thank you!" Laurie Armstrong, Senior Communications Manager, Mastercard (www.mastercard.com)

We brought Andrew in for our yearly all-hands meeting and I can honestly say he gave one of the best presentations I've ever seen. His interactive talk gave our one hundred and fifty employees from all over the country an opportunity to connect in meaningful ways. SO grateful!” Ben Rattray- Founder, Change.org (www.change.org)

“Andrew was one of the best speakers we've ever had. He was engaging, impactful, and gave real direction as to how to make the connections you want to make, without the theoretical filler they often get at school." Ellen Christansen, Program Director, Dream Careers (www.summerinternships.com)

Navigating life after college is no easy task, it can be quite daunting and overwhelming. In fact, only 34% of college students in one study felt confident in their ability to participate in the job market once they graduated.

This may be the current reality, but there is a solution:

Imagine your students feeling confident to ask powerful questions in their next job interview, and inspired to reach out to a high powered CEO for a coffee?

Envision your students walking away with tangible tools to start building the career they always dreamed of because they have a framework to identify their purpose

Picture your students energized because they’ve gained knowledge that can’t be acquired in the classroom

If you’re looking to offer your students wisdom that has the power to transform their careers and lives as they set out on their path, then LIVE THE QUESTIONS is essential.

Audience takeaways:

These will be customized based on your audience and goals

Guided exercise that makes it easy to articulate your “Big 4;” passions, skills, priorities and values

Use your Big 4 to identify dream jobs, careers or businesses that will meet your criteria

Connect with a deeper sense of purpose - find clarity about how you want to contribute to the world and give back

Learn how to ask questions, demonstrate value and nail your next interview or pitch with a decision maker

Use Social Flow to introduce yourself effectively in high pressure situations

Use the perfect email template to build your high value network of potential mentors, executives and investors.

Learn how to embody the one skill that all employers and entrepreneurs are looking for…resourcefulness.


The Questions are the Answers

It’s no surprise that when it comes time for college students to graduate, many aren’t sure what their next step is.

College grads are often offered the same advice that one should “follow your passion”, but what exactly does that mean, and what if that answer isn’t necessarily obvious? This is where the power of asking questions comes into play.

Students attending this talk will learn about powerful concepts behind asking the right questions and how focusing on the “WHY” can lead them to the answers they’re searching for.

They’ll hear Andrew’s captivating story about how he went from a socially anxious college student who did not have a clear career path in front of him, to a purpose-driven CEO within one year after graduating.

Students will love this talk because they’ll walk away with actionable tools that they can implement immediately and leave with a sense of feeling inspired, and more confident to take the next step towards their dreams.

It’s ok not to have the answer, but it’s important to keep asking the questions until you do.

Who is Andrew: 

Forbes calls Andrew the “Dale Carnegie for the Digital Age.” He is a Brooklyn based social entrepreneur who builds spaces online and offline that empower people to communicate authentically and connect deeply.  His inspiring stories, and actionable insights help anyone - even shy people who consider themselves introverts - to actually enjoy and get good at meeting people.

He is the Founder and CEO of Tribute.co, which the New Yorker recently called Hallmark 2.0. Tribute has helped hundreds of thousands of users to share meaningful video messages online. Before Tribute, Andrew started the award winning children’s non-profit, Dreams For Kids DC, where he won the Mayor’s Community Service Award at the age of 24.

Andrew is a certified presentation coach and master facilitator who leads retreats, keynotes for Fortune 500’s like Google and coaches everyone from professional athletes to venture backed CEO’s on strategic communication. He has keynoted to audiences of thousands and his writing on Social Flow and meaningful conversation has been featured in US News, The New Yorker and on the TODAY show to name a few.

Contact us to Book Andrew or Learn more about the Social Flow Workshop. Andrew’s Project manager Michael (michael@tribute.co) is always available and we promise to return your message within 48hours.