How to Get a “YES”: Simple Strategies to Win Buy-In from Decision Makers When it Matters Most. 

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Meeting planners love this presentation:

"Our global attendees loved the interactivity of your session and are already using your communication techniques to pitch their projects with more passion and confidence. Thank you!".” Laurie Armstrong - Senior Communications Manager, Mastercard (www.mastercard.com)

"Andrew delivered an inspiring keynote to our audience of the top life insurance sales professionals in the country. These are all individuals who know how to sell, and Andrew managed to present insightful communication techniques that our attendees hadn't heard before. Several attendees told me it was their favorite presentation...ever!" Cathy Neifeld - Program Chair, Forum 400 Annual Conference  (www.forum400.org/annualmeeting)

"Andrew was one of the best speakers we've ever had. He was engaging, impactful, and gave real direction as to how to make the connections you want to make, without the theoretical filler they often get at school." Ellen Christensen -Program Director, Dream Careers (www.summerinternships.com)

If you are looking to build something, whether that is a new project at your organization, launching a company, or raising capital, the success of your project will often come down to a single conversation, pitch or presentation where you need to hook a decision maker and make them choose YOU. In this interactive presentation, your audience learn the simple tools that they can use to introduce their ideas clearly, compellingly and concisely.

Audience Takeaways:

Audience members will walk away with a revamped pitch for their priority project and practical tools they can use for any future pitches

Craft a signature story that connects people to the emotionality of your project

Find the “shocking” stats that you can use to show why your idea/project is important and needed

Use the “Anchor” exercise to help people get what you do right away

Connect to your macro and micro sense of purpose to create inspiring communication

Learn how to create a “frame” that makes your offering, idea or business seem like a no-brainer

Anticipate resistance upfront to create more confidence and clarity about your pitch

Learn the best questions you can ask to make decision makers like you before you even start your pitch


Getting the “Yes”

According to a recent study at Stanford, the only skill that could reliably predict the success of their students after graduation was something they called Verbal Fluency. Verbal Fluency is the ability to talk about your ideas, services and skills effectively.

Unfortunately, most people were never taught how to deliver their ideas in a concise, effective and meaningful way in the workplace. In fact, Workplace Solutions found that 60% of businesses can’t find enough job candidates with the interpersonal skills they need to scale. This gap in soft skills often inhibits people from communicatively effectively and worse, stops them from speaking up and sharing their ideas all together.

So stop guessing and learn the powerful, simple strategies that you can use to get your decision makers caring just as much as you do.

Your audience will walk away with practical tools that they will be able to use immediately. Best of all, they are clear enough that they’ll be able to share with their team when they get back to the office. They will have a clear roadmap to get “yes” in their next big conversation, meeting or pitch. They might even broker a deal in the hallways that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. (It wouldn’t be the first time)

Who is Andrew: 

Forbes calls Andrew the “Dale Carnegie for the Digital Age.” He is a Brooklyn based social entrepreneur who builds spaces online and offline that empower people to communicate powerfully and connect deeply.  He tells inspiring stories, and shares actionable insights that help anyone - even shy people who consider themselves introverts - to actually enjoy meeting new people and feel confident pitching their ideas.

Andrew has presented to more than 100,000 people and been a featured keynote speaker at conferences (Conscious Capitalism, Summit Series), colleges (NYU, Western Ontario) and for Fortune 500 brands like MasterCard and Google.

He is the Founder and CEO of Tribute.co, which the New Yorker recently called Hallmark 2.0. Tribute has helped hundreds of thousands of users to share meaningful video messages online. Before Tribute, Andrew started the award winning children’s non-profit, Dreams For Kids DC, where he won the Mayor’s Community Service Award at the age of 24.

Andrew is a certified presentation coach and master facilitator who leads retreats, conducts workshops for startups like Splash and coaches everyone from professional athletes to venture backed CEO’s on strategic communication. He has keynoted to audiences of thousands and his writing on Social Flow and meaningful conversation has been featured in US News, The New Yorker and on the TODAY show to name a few.

Contact us to Book Andrew or Learn more about the Social Flow Workshop. Andrew’s Project manager Michael (michael@tribute.co) is available five days a week and we promise to return your message within 48hours.