What's The Big Idea: Biet Simkin - Why pain, sadness and suffering are your friends.


“The body and mind actually doesn’t create memories, the body and mind doesn’t create love, the body and mind doesn’t know being, those things all come from a soul level.”

Today’s guest: Biet Simkin

Her big idea: Why pain, sadness and suffering are your friends

You don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, there is something very beautiful happening that you’re missing, and if you just shut the fuck up you might be able to hear how beautiful it is.


Biet is this completely unique Spiritual Teacher with a rare Rock & Roll sensibility who was raised by an awakened Shaman who cured himself from near death in the woods of Russia. With that said, I think what makes her story even more special is the amount of adversity she has overcome. Losing most of her family to death as a young child growing up in NYC, tragedy turned into music and she got signed to Sony Records at 18, after that she had a near death experience, lost her 4 month old daughter Ula to S.I.D.S, had her house burn down, lived in the burned down house doing heroin for 4 months, her best friends hung himself and then her awakened teacher father died. After 5 years of heroin and cocaine addiction Biet got sober nearly 11 years ago and founded a meditation experience that she guides globally and scores with her own music. Her work is just as warm and intimate with a group of 12 people in a living room as it is with thousands of people on a stage.

She has been called the "David Bowie of Meditation" by Television Host and Activist, Stacy London.

She has been written up in FORBES, ELLE, Harper's Bazaar, TIME & The New York Times.. just to name a few.

She has partnered with Lululemon, Adidas and Sony to name just a couple.

She has just released her first book with Simon & Schuster based on the 44 laws that prevent someone from enlightenment and is speaking all over the globe to spread the message of awakening and doing it in a down to earth way!

Biet is a total and complete badass and this episode is worth it just to hear her stories…all of her wisdom is an added bonus.

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Key insights Shared:

  • The idea of being on a 'soul-level’

  • The power of celebrating others

  • Fundamental differences in how she interacts with challenging aspects of life

  • Acceptance vs. challenging growth

  • The belief that everything is happening as it should

  • Verifications are how we find answers

  • The value of listening to your soul and how she does it

  • The concept of being connected to your soul

  • How do you start attaining a soul connection?

  • Functioning on all parts of the ‘wheel of creation’

  • How she introduces new topics with confidence and authenticity

  • Why Forrest Gump is your soul

  • Why people don’t allow themselves to feel all things

  • How Biet gets people to reframe the pain of a certain experience

  • The value of perceiving the world in a completely unique way and sitting with flaws

  • How Biet would invite people in to perceive their own flaws

  • You can’t do it alone! Be open to new ideas, get out of your comfort zone

to learn more about Biet and her work:

Website: Bietsimkin.com

MUSIC: https://www.bietsimkin.com/copy-of-speaking

Instagram: @guidedbybiet