Andrew Horn



& Men's Work

Andrew specializes in supporting mission driven entrepreneurs and freelancers who are committed to helping people and moving the world forward in innovative ways.

Over the past ten years, Andrew has built and sustained two social enterprises, raised millions of dollars of capital for his companies, cultivated a thriving tribe of friends and colleagues worldwide, and built the family of his dreams with his wife Miki and baby boy, Hiro. All this while making time for an annual trip to Burning Man (8 years running), morning surf trips to the Rockaways and several international trips each year. 

Andrew’s rare blend of entrepreneurial expertise, communication mastery and training as a coach are perfectly suited for founders and social entrepreneurs. He has shown hundreds of clients that true confidence, financial freedom and professional fulfillment are available to anyone who is ready to prioritize them.

Andrew was trained as a coach by his mentor, Lauren Zander (Founder of the renowned Handel Coaching Group). His coaching style is grounded in Gestalt communication practices and emotional mastery techniques that ensure lasting change in his clients.


Ask Big Questions. Find Answers. Come Alive. 

Andrew believes that the essence of transformational work starts by asking questions that cut to the core of your deepest dreams and biggest blockers.

How much money do you need to feel completely free? Do you feel clear on how to get there? 

What are the limiting beliefs that hold you back in your social and romantic life? Who would you be without them? 

What do you think you’re known for and what do you want to be known for? 

Imagine what it feels like to live with clarity to these questions. Imagine going through life with a tangible strategy, daily rituals and loving accountability that empower you to live a lit up life of impact, integrity, and ease. 

That’s what it is like to work with Andrew. 


The Q.U.E.S.T. framework 

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Explore 9 core areas of your life and identify opportunities for growth.

These include: 

1.Relationship to self, 2. Money, 3. Career, 3. Love life, 4.Time, 5. Home, 6. Family, 7. Friends, 8. Fun, 9. Community contribution.

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How do you want the world to know you?

We help you cut understand where you are out of alignment and identify the emotional triggers that are are causing your undesired states of being. Articulate your true dream for each area of your life so you have something authentic and inspiring to strive for.

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After identifying toxic behaviors and limiting beliefs, we provide tangible constructs  that help you remove destructive habits/patterns and replace them with constructive actions.

Often times, the quickest path forward is simply doing less.  

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You are what you do consistently. In this section we will set tangible goals and establish  daily and weekly rituals that accelerate your path forward. These constructs alleviate anxiety and liberate you to focus your energy and attention on the things that matter most.  

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Through consistent check-in’s and loving accountability, Andrew makes makes sure you are honoring your commitments and doing what you say you will. Bottom line, Andrew is a partner in your transformation and will make sure you are getting shit done.




Andrew started “The Junto” as a not so secret club for emotional mastery and mutual improvement.

Andrew leads his own transformational weekend experiences and created to curate the best events and resources that are available for men who are curious about modern masculinity and personal transformation.

What is the Junto Men's Weekend?

There is a lot of momentum around modern masculinity and “men’s work” right now and this is an opportunity for men to go deeper in nature.

Men’s weekend is an invitation to learn the basics of gestalt communication and “relational meditation.” This is essentially the art of allowing your self to be fully seen and reciprocating that gift to other men.

This is a safe space where men are empowered to explore what is real for them without any pressure to find solutions. We go deep on important issues like relationships, purpose, sex and the emotional experience of men.

We will celebrate life, uncover some of the hidden parts of ourselves and connect deeply with good men.

Men leave our weekends with deeper clarity about who they are, what they want and how to support the people they care most about.