What's The Big Idea: Lauren Bille - We live in a culture designed by white supremacy, systematic racism and patriarchy. We need to talk about it to move forward.

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“If you are interested in designing a culture of equity, we must start by understanding, acknowledging and having conversations about these scary, sensitive things.”

Today’s guest: Lauren Bille

Her big idea: We live in a culture designed by white supremacy, systematic racism and patriarchy. We must talk about it to move forward.

Lauren Bille is a force. She is currently designing an unprecedented future of racial, gender and economic equity through enterprise - instead of non-profits.

She spends most of her time building and leading Allbodies, "the new way to do healthcare." Through a digital platform, they make make the patient experience easy, informative, holistic and empowering. They are starting with reproductive and sexual health, one of the most underserved and relevant health sectors; and serving millennial womxn, who have the largest spending power in US history.

She gives her free time to progressive political and social justice organizing and plan to run for office in the next 15 years. She is interested in building coalitions with individuals, organizations and investors committed to doing things differently.

On top of Allbodies.com, she is a parter at the mass meditation movement called The Big Quiet and also leads community for the Arena Summit, where she is convening, connecting and supporting the next generation of civic leaders.

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Key insights Shared:

  • Lauren Bille - We need to get real about racism and patriarchy 

  • The creation of Cycles & Sex

  • How AllBodies evolved from Cycles & Sex

  • The value of an integrative approach to your health 

  • America was founded on racism, white supremacy and patriarchy

  • What it means to be white presenting

  • The discomfort that comes up when we want to talk about race

  • The invisible backpack of white privilege

  • Lauren’s awakening and activism related to race

  • Is it possible for minority groups to be racist?

  • Is it valid to call someone a racist and does it push us forward?

  • How do we open people up to race? 

  • Racism and shame vs. guilt

  • The parallels of Lauren’s exploration of race as it relates to gender

  • The term of intersectionality as it relates to race and gender

  • Why the term/concept of patriarchy is important for people to understand and integrate into their experience

  • Effective ways to open up the conversation around race in a conscientious way

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