Social Flow: Be the person people want to talk to, learn from and work with. 

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"Attendees left with innovative communication techniques that they could immediately put to work at our conference. We had several attendees say it was their favorite session from the entire conference! I wouldn’t hesitate to have Andrew come back and present with us again.” Julie Van Amerongen - Director of Programs, Conscious Capitalism Summit (www.ceosummit.consciouscapitalism.org)

We brought Andrew in for our yearly all-hands meeting and I can honestly say he gave one of the best presentations I've ever seen. His interactive talk gave our one hundred and fifty employees from all over the country an opportunity to connect in meaningful ways. SO grateful!” Ben Hindman - CEO, Splash (www.splashthat.com)

Here at Zappos, we are fortunate to work with many of the best speakers on the planet. Andrew was better than many of the biggest names we've ever had on the stage. Our audience loved the interactivity and practicality of his session and we can't wait to have him back again” Antoinette Duran - Director of Internal Communication, Zappos (www.zappos.com)

Did you know that 60% of people in America report some symptoms of social anxiety and shyness. This  inhibition keeps many from meeting new people, sharing their ideas and building meaningful relationships. This is happening at work, at home and...at your events. 

Want the good news? There is a solution.

Imagine your attendees feeling comfortable and confidently talking with each other at your next conference.  

Imagine them boldy reaching out to new people, sharing ideas and building relationships that matter.

Imagine them talking about your event and wanting to come back next time because they had such a great experience. 

If you want to kick-off your convention, conference or team retreat with a fun and inspiring program that adds instant and enduring value for all involved ... you want to go with SOCIAL FLOW.

Social Flow is based on the premise that LIFE IS TOO SHORT FOR SMALL TALK. Your participants will make new friends IN THE KEYNOTE and will continue their conversations in the hallways, during meals, and when they return to their offices.


What is Social Flow?

Have you ever experienced the state of flow when playing a sport, reading a book, or engaging in your favorite hobby? Remember how easy, effortless and FUN it was? Imagine being able to tap into that state of flow when meeting people. Imagine being able to relax and genuinely enjoy social situations instead of feeling awkward and uncomfortable. 

That's what attendees learn how to do in the Social Flow Workshop. You'll love Andrew's stories of how he overcame his own shyness and science backed research about how extreme athletes and business thought leaders are creating states of flow when it matters most. .

SOCIAL FLOW gives your attendees the ability to develop the 3C’s at your event; Confidence, Clear Communication and Connection.  

Your attendees will learn practical tools that they will use immediately. They will take ownership over their experience and create a successful event for themselves, one conversation at a time. 

Audience members will leave the session with a unified sense of purpose that makes it easier for everyone to connect at your event. 

We say that Social Flow will 10X the impact of your event because it transforms your attendees ability to share ideas, ask great questions and contribute value in whatever conversation they find themselves in. Your attendees won’t just be learning from your speakers, they’ll be learning and practicing these techniques in every conversation they engage in. 

Session deliverables: The 3C’s 

These will be customized based on your audience and goals

Confidence: (Feel good)

  • Three questions to transform social pressure into Social Flow

  • Use the “reality check” exercise to disarm the thoughts that make you self-conscious

  • Use the anchor technique to create confidence wherever you go

Communication: (Make people care about what you have to say) 

  • Learn how to introduce your ideas/business in 60 seconds or less (elevator pitch)

  • Learn how to use stats to make people care about what you do

  • Tell your signature story to connect people to the emotionality of what you do

  • Find your grain of truth to go from selling to sharing 

Connection: (Build meaningful relationships)

  • Set the Curiosity Compass - Attendees will articulate five questions that they will use to create meaningful conversation with anyone they meet

  • Use the take vs. turn method to practice active listening

  • Learn how to invite instead of ask and make it easier to keep in touch with people

Social Flow Highlights

Who is Andrew: 

Forbes calls Andrew the “Dale Carnegie for the Digital Age.” He is a Brooklyn based social entrepreneur who builds spaces online and offline that empower people to communicate authentically and connect deeply.  His inspiring stories, and actionable insights help anyone - even shy people who consider themselves introverts - to actually enjoy and get good at meeting people.

He is the Founder and CEO of Tribute.co, which the New Yorker recently called Hallmark 2.0. Tribute has helped hundreds of thousands of users to share meaningful video messages online. Before Tribute, Andrew started the award winning children’s non-profit, Dreams For Kids DC, where he won the Mayor’s Community Service Award at the age of 24.

Andrew is a certified presentation coach and master facilitator who leads retreats, keynotes for Fortune 500’s like Google and coaches everyone from professional athletes to venture backed CEO’s on strategic communication. He has keynoted to audiences of thousands and his writing on Social Flow and meaningful conversation has been featured in US News, The New Yorker and on the TODAY show to name a few.

Contact us to Book Andrew or Learn more about the Social Flow Workshop. Andrew’s Project manager Michael (michael@tribute.co) is always available and we promise to return your message within 48hours.