What's The Big Idea: Warren Farrell - The Boy Crisis / New Perspective on the Patriarchy

"The world needs men to embrace health intelligence over the heroic intelligence that they were forced to embody throughout history. The future of humanity depends on men growing into this role of the nurturer/communicator."

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In today’s episode of What’s the Big Idea, I speak with Dr. Warren Farrell about his role in the gender liberation movement, men’s work and get his thoughts on how to actively support the boys and men of today.

Dr. Warren Farrell is an educator, activist, and NYT best-selling author author, who has been described as the intellectual father of the men’s movement. While he has been concerned about men for well over 30 years, in his most recent book titled The Boy Crisis, he has shifted his attention to the youngest version of them.

We discuss a range of topics focusing on The Boy Crisis - including alarming statistics and trends that are impacting boys around the globe, especially in developed nations.

We also touch on more systemic issues that impact how humans show up in the world, such as the idea of the patriarchy. Warren challenges the patriarchy and why this notion is incorrect and believes it can be counterproductive for collective healing and progress.

His perspective on the patriarchy has been seen as controversial in some circles but I think it is a worthwhile take on a fairly nebulous topic and I look forward to having someone on the show who can provide an opposing viewpoint on the role and influence of the patriarchy on society. Any suggestions?

We closed the episode by talking about the dire need for civil discourse. He uses his career long experience as a relationship/family therapist to provide tips on how to have hard conversations with people you disagree with...with love.

To learn more about Dr. Farrell, you can visit his site here - https://warrenfarrell.com/

You can also check him out on twitter - https://twitter.com/drwarrenfarrell